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I have access to blocks of Canadian notes and have found quite a number of new insert/replacement notes.   

The group shown here are GPH replacement notes found in 2 consecutive 1000note blocks of GPP Bonin-Theisson. When I first discovered the GPH notes in positions 499 and 998 of each block I didn't realise at the time exactly what they were but I had a feeling I should put them aside in any case. A year or so later group of us collectors were working on a series of $5 notes with peculiar misplaced back plate #'s.  GPH was one of the affected prefixes so I checked this group of notes and sure enough I had four  bp#'s all of which were misplaced.  Luckily I had kept several hundred regular GPP notes from the 2 blocks so I was able to establish that these notes were in fact replacements. This group of GPH replacements are of particular interest because they also all have the misplaced bp# error. The bp#'s were 35, 39,28 18 and the fp#'s are 29,25,17 and34. The front and back plate numbers of the regular notes are identicle. There were a total of 12 ruined sheets in the ream that the regular GPP's were cut from so I actually received a total of 48 notes. Of the 48 notes more than half had bent corners and damage from the heavy banding used by the printers. These notes were given a separate listing ( BC-56cA ) in the 16th edition of the Charlton Government Paper Money 2004.
I have identified the sources of GOT inserts and supporting information. Would appreciate any information out there on GOV and ANH inserts. I will attempt to write an article about these inserts in a future edition of the CPMS quarterly. Lack of available information on these inserts is causing some doubt as to their legitimacy.

The following pages document a few more but not all of my finds. Page 7 lists some of the prefixes I have in quantity.
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